Start of the season with a bang for Nina Reichenbach and Jack Carthy !

A strong start to the season for top Crewkerz riders Nina Reichenbach and Jack Carthy, with the reigning world champions winning the World Cup opener as well as European titles. The Briton is in great shape after a complicated 2017 World Cup, allowing himself to win the final in Austria without setting foot. We know at Crewkerz that nothing is a foregone conclusion, far from it, but here are the proofs that our equipment allows us to achieve great things, quality and innovation remaining the key words.

The floor is given to our champions, lovers of design and performance, one marrying very well with the other.

Great start to the season with these World Cup victories in Austria and your European titles in Switzerland. No pressure after two world champion titles each ? Still hungry for victories ?

Jack : Yes an absolutely brilliant start to the season with these two victories and a motivation still intact, I am determined to do my best to bring other trophies home.
Nina : Always a little bit of pressure wearing the rainbow jersey, I expect a lot from myself to have a good race while riding correctly. This pressure is also a driving force to prove to myself that I deserve to wear this world champion jersey.

What do you think of the latest innovations on your bike ? Almost the perfect machine ?

Jack : We are constantly improving the bike, great machine ! Perfect out of the box. Now that the carbon handlebar is ready, there is no need to change anything else.
Nina : I love the new bike. I love the new bike. Innovations such as disc protection or the new AS30 crankset are a real plus.

Have you changed your training methods during the off-season ?

Jack : The training remains the same, I live on my bike, constantly learning new things. I have seen big changes in my riding. I train on harder at home than I can meet in the race.
Nina : Last winter I had a lot of time to devote to training, and that’s what I did ! Three times a week I went to the gym. I spent the rest of the time on my bike in order to get the best possible feeling on the handlebars before the start of the season. I also went to Spain twice to progress in a different environment.

A word, a piece of advice for your fans, for all those who want to ride like you ?

Jack : Keep riding, love it, love it, and you’re bound to reap the fruits of your labor. Thanks again for everyone’s support.
Nina : Always enjoy the time you spend on your bike !

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