The values of WAW (Wild And Wired)

MTB enthusiasts put a lot of wear on their bikes, and they need a brand they can trust to deliver high-quality parts that will stand up to the rigors of the trail. This is where WAW (Wild And Wired) comes in.

What sets WAW apart from other parts design brands is their desire to break the mold and offer innovative products that better meet the needs of riders. The brand understands MTB bikers’ passion for the sport and strives to create a brand that provides innovative parts that riders can rely on. By listening to professional riders, amateurs and enthusiasts, WAW was able to write the future standards of our disciplines. WAW therefore started in trial, but then extended to street, dirt and mountain biking to offer you bike parts suitable for all disciplines.

If you’re looking for a brand that understands the needs of riders, look no further than WAW.

WAW: the dominant force in MTB, street and dirt

Wild/Sauvage because we are pioneers in new technologies and techniques for assembling your bikes ! What motivates us is to offer suitable, efficient, reliable and innovative products by freeing ourselves from using the standards that sell the most on condition of having a better product for the disciplines. The AS30 crankset is the best example.

Wired/Connected for our relationships with all practitioners. It is by listening to pro, amateur and passionate pilots that we can write the future standards of our disciplines. Whatever your level of practice, MTB is a sport that requires a certain awareness and respect for the environment around you. This is why the term “wired/connected” is so important when it comes to our relationship with all riders. It is by listening to professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts that we can write the future standards of our disciplines. To progress as a sport, it is essential that we take into account the opinions of those who know the discipline best. Only by working together can we create a bright future for mountain biking, street and dirt.

So let’s stay connected and continue to write the future of disciplines, together !

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