The Crewkerz brand was born in 2012, it is very young, unlike its soul, its identity and its philosophy which have come to life and been consolidated over the years since 1991.

From Christian Gugliotta to Crewkerz, via Atomz, Sunn, The team, the partners, … The brand is the concentrate of all these experiences.


In the 90s, to do Trial, you had to be handy and inventive because very few things were developed for the practice of Trials. Out of passion and the need for a suitable Trial MTB, after riding Sunn size S MTB, Christian decided to have his first frame made in 1997 by a certain Mr Lafaille, probably the first craftsman to make a Trial in the 80s under the Lafitte brand.

There everything is carried away, the prototypes are linked, Cédric Calvin joins the development of the first trial frames of the brand created by Christian in 2000: Atomz Made In Mars. A project that only passion and madness could advance.

Until the day the CEO of Sunn decides to add Trial in his range of mountain bikes. Sunn an iconic brand that has marked the history of mountain biking that is interested in the small Marseillaise brand was hardly believable. And yet the marriage took place.


In 2006, work began to develop the standards and technical solutions that can be found today at Crewkerz and other brands. Indeed Atomz was a pioneer in many areas without ever talking about innovations. The tensioner, the thru-axles, the postmount, the mid-range bike, the after-sales service, the customer support, a state of mind where the priority remains the pleasure of the rider. With Sunn, it is one of the best design offices in the world made available to the Trial. The team knew it, you had to be patient to make things happen. Quark II had us in agreement !

In just 1 year Crewkerz was built, it was easy the big team was back together (Antidote Solutions, PB Design, Simon, Jean, Hannes, Alexis, Nico, Clément,…). Go Ahead makes sense from day one. In just a few months a UFO is presented the Cleep, it breaks all the codes of the time and it was for many doomed to failure. Tapered, tensioner, thru-axles, AS30 crankset, ATS, nothing common in trials.


Enrichment through innovation is an essential value for developing trial ranges.


The goal is to take you to the best possible performance with our products.


In order to lead you in all environments, it is essential that the quality is optimum...


Let's connect through the designs of bikes and parts. This value is at the heart of each Crewkerz innovation.


Nothing beats having fun practicing. It is the value that led the team to make it their job

... GO AHEAD !


Reputation for heavy cycling, for hiking ! Jack Carthy joined the Team in 2014, and explains to them how to win a World Cup general in a touring bike at only 17 years old.
The Team, a passion for the brand, the riders who join it no longer want to leave, who knows why… They are part of the brand, of the products, they are involved at several levels of design, just like the amateur rider. We all have something to contribute.
With hindsight we can say that Crewkerz was a forerunner in several areas : the tapered is now common, the tensioner is no longer scary, the AS30 as a benchmark in terms of mechanical performance and the Jealousy as a victory.


Pierre Marie reinforces the workforce by 2016, he is the boss of WPP, the high-end “preparer” of WAW products such as carbon hangers, carbon tapered/ATS/Pivot Kevlar forks, stems, ….. chuuuuuuuuttt. A different vision that will bring good things. New perspectives are opening up for 2017, the Desire is coming, the Jealousy is improving, the team of world champions is ready.


We are going back to where it all began, in Allauch (13190), to find all the values and the energy necessary to continue to offer design, quality, innovative and high-performance products.

The whole team knows it: GO AHEAD!