stop you.

The Jealousy 26″ World Champion with Jack Carthy and Oliver Widmann remains in the line of Crewkerz bikes: A high-performance bike, an exceptional bike !

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AS30 Crankset

To go higher


Hydroformed tubes

For more dynamism


ATS upper yoke

For braking power


WAW pedal board

For its lightness

The Crewkerz MTB, a versatile and high-performance trial.

The Crewkerz team is focused on technology and passion. We use high quality bikes and state of the art equipment to set ourselves apart from the competition. Team members are dedicated, enabling them to deliver a high-quality experience at every competition and performance. Join us !


MTB technology is evolving, Crewkerz too.


Top quality equipment.


The secret to the success of the trial is that it is much more than a MTB...


Performance without compromising on quality !

Wild and Wired, Crewkerz components

WAW specializes in the design and manufacture of high-end Trial MTB bicycle components. The parts are known for their quality, durability and performance. The brand’s mission is to develop MTB elements and make the discipline accessible to riders of all levels.

+ performance

+ design

+ satisfaction

The last news

Crewkerz bikes are capable and reliable, and are also suitable for different skill levels of riders. At Crewkerz we focus on producing the highest quality mountain bikes and trials bikes. Our models are lightweight, durable and competitively priced so you can get to the track faster ! We offer a variety of features and sizes to meet your needs as a rider. The Crewkerz trial bike is an excellent tool for learning to trial. The frame was designed with quality technology and a competition fork to give you the best performance at an affordable price. Bike parts for your MTB, BMX and bicycle. Find the product that’s right for you. Get your bike parts here today ! Aimed at high-end bike enthusiasts, the Crewkerz bike is designed to be light and easy to handle. It features a 20-inch frame made from a sturdier aluminum alloy, a black and white color scheme, deep section rims with high quality tires and disc brakes that make stopping in tight turns easier. The handlebar is reinforced with carbon fiber for better handling and support.

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