Interview with Hannes Herrmann after his World BIU !

Hannes Herrmann has been riding Crewkerz bikes for several years now. The talented German pilot is not only a high-level competitor since his main activity is to perform trial demonstrations at various events, whether sporting events or shows in the broadest sense of the term, all within a quality professional structure. Hannes, in a somewhat improvised way, decided this year to participate in the Biketrial World Championships which took place in August in Sardinia. Our brave rider went on to win a Senior world title during this event organized under the aegis of the BIU (Biketrial International Union), a federation parallel to the more traditional circuit of the UCI (Union Cycliste International). So Hannes, this experience in Sardinia?

Hello Hannes, you have just rode in Sardinia on the occasion of the BIU world biketrial. Why this decision ? Have you ever driven in races organized by this federation ?
It was really a last minute registration. One of my shows was canceled and I found myself with free time. A friend had already planned to go to Sardinia on this race and we talked about it then. I booked my flight only two weeks before the event and we went there together. It was not my first BIU participation, more than 10 years ago I had already set foot there. The problem is that the German federation (ndr: under the aegis of UCI) has always prohibited its pilots from taking part in BIU races. For this reason, in order to avoid sanctions, I never went there again. Today things have changed: I ride in competition only for fun, my job is the show, and I took the risk of taking the start again in BIU. Many German pilots would like to be able to participate in these races. They don’t do it out of fear of the consequences, like I used to. Well, for the moment my license has not jumped (laughs), it was great to ride in this championship.


You have won your category, here you are, World Champion ! What do you think of the BIU level ?The level in Elite is impressive, especially for a rider like me who is used to UCI tracks. This is the reason why I wanted to line up as a Senior in order to really have fun overcoming obstacles. I didn’t want to get into a game of calculating feet to put on or not, just fun !


Today, in UCI races, riders mainly drive over artificial obstacles. Happy to ride on natural terrain in Sardinia ?
Very happy yes ! It was great to be able to ride on pure naturalness, like years ago at the start of the trial. All the zones were drawn in the forest, it was great.


A word about your bike, the Jealousy 26 Ultimate ?
Close to perfection, once again. As always, innovation at the service of performance. I have confidence in my equipment, I don’t ask myself questions and that’s what I like.


Goals for the coming months ? And next year, will we see you again in BIU ?
It is obvious that my main center of interest is in my job, which consists in giving shows. That said, if my calendar allows me, I would like to ride at the next BIU Worlds, and this time in the Elite category !

Congratulations Hannes !
Go ahead !

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