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Evolution is a constant that allows you to progress and adapt to your environment in order to better understand it. Crewkerz is no exception to this rule and is offering new products for 2018 that will delight the most demanding trial riders as well as those new to the discipline. Always attentive, the Marseille brand has taken everyone’s opinions into account in order to satisfy everyone. The beginner, like the expert pilot, can find what he is looking for in an ever wider Crewkerz range that responds to the reality of an increasingly diversified practice.

And this is just the beginning !

LAB RANGE – Like A Boss – 18 and 20 inches

At Crewkerz we believe that children have the right to ride real trials bikes, just like the older ones. Also the new Like A Boss range responds to this request of the youngest in order to allow them to evolve on designs that are completely dedicated to them. The LABs are available in two wheel sizes, namely 18 or 20 inches, as well as in two colors, black or white. On the equipment side, we offer serious equipment with double disc braking, skid plate, trial freewheel or even light forged stem. The geometries of each bike, of course, are adapted to children while being less typical than that of the Desire Kid.
LAB 18 – Entraxe 740mm, bases 290mm, drop 30mm, chasse 71,5° (Fourche origine)
LAB 20 – 920mm center distance, 350mm chainstays, 40mm drop, 71.5° trail (original fork)

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DESIRE RANGE – Kid, 20 and 26 inches

2017 saw the Desire arrive in three versions: Kid, 20 and 26 inches. Offered at one of the most attractive prices, the Desires have perfectly played their role in the mid-range niche intended for leisure and competition use. No hesitation to have, you can ride in a committed way, geometry and reliability allowing you to meet everyone’s expectations. For 2018 we find the different ingredients that have contributed to the success of Desire : Tapered fork, perforated sleeve, race geometry, Crewkerz tensioner, quality equipment. A 26′ version with front disc is released for 2018. Available in gray or white.

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JEALOUSY RANGE – 20 and 26 inches

The Jealousy is undeniably the flagship of the brand: hydroformed tubes, tapered fork, Crewkerz tensioner, AS30 crankset, through axles, competition geometry. Our top-of-the-range model, the competition bike par excellence, is undergoing a few modifications in 2018 to better meet the requirements of trial riders : Magura MT5 braking HC levers, new single-wall H rims offering weight savings and greater braking power, new WAW 2018 crankset, the latter offering lightness, increased nervousness thanks to the manufacturing process, elimination of sharp angles. Available in matt black or brushed aluminium.

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JEALOUSY ULTIMATE RANGE – 20 and 26 inches

New in the very high-end Crewkerz for 2018 with the arrival of the Ultimate versions. Exclusive graphics for the 2017 World Champions bikes by Jack Carthy for the 26 and Nina Reichenbach for the 20. Specific equipment : WAW carbon fork, Hope Tech 3 and Trialtech Carthy Signature for braking, new WAW AS30 crankset. The best for uncompromising performance.

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Some photos to discover the bikes in detail

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