Chengdu 2017: Jack Carthy and Nina Reichenbach retain their title !

2017 World Championships in Chengdu (China) : Jack Carthy and Nina Reichenbach retain their title!

The Crewkerz pilots discovered for the occasion a brand new racing format intended to promote spectacle and uncertainty as to the final result. It must be admitted that the goal of the organizers was achieved with finals offering difficult outcomes for the nerves of observers as well as for those of the pilots.

Among the ladies, on her Jealousy 20″, Nina Reichenbach confirms a solid mentality by winning a second title after the one won last year in Italy. There is no doubt that the young Crewkerz pilot, who arrived with us in 2017, does not intend to stop there in terms of prize list.

Jack Carthy, on the Jealousy 26″, had a more complicated 2017 World Cup season than in previous years. The Briton was keen to make the colors of Crewkerz shine on this World Cup by giving his all to retain the supreme title. Let’s be honest, Jack made us tremble with a particularly delicate start to the race. Great champions are able to turn things around when the going gets tough. Jack is a great champion and it was mentally, helped by an incredible technique and flawless physique, that he went for this second crown.

Crewkerz thanks Nina and Jack for this passion which allows them to ride at the highest level.

We would also like to thank all the drivers without whom such great moments of sport would not exist.

Go Ahead !

Photo credits : Marco Patrizi Facebook

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