ATS (Anti Torsion System)

The ATS (Anti Torsion System) which appeared in 2009 on the Atomz Quark was naturally used and optimized by Crewkerz.

This technology for hydraulic pad brakes makes it possible to increase braking power by reducing deformation of the seat stays without adding a stiffener.

On so-called “classic” Trial frames, the studs for assembling the brake calipers are welded on top, sometimes integrated on a stiffener itself welded on the top of the seatstays. This type of assembly moves the piston pin away from the seat stay pin and considerably increases the overhang.

With the ATS, the axis of the brake piston is as close as possible to the axis of the seat stays in order to prevent them from twisting too much, so there is more powerful braking as well as a firmer feel.
On the design side, the ATS makes it possible to reduce the overall size of the stays, stirrups and shells. Visually it is more compact and the integration of the hose closer to the frame considerably limits the risk of tearing the hose on a false movement, fall,…

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