Jealousy 2018 Ultimate 26″

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The Jealousy 26″ World Champion with Jack Carthy remains in the line of Crewkerz bikes: A high-performance bike, an exceptional bike!

The frame is hand-brushed aluminum and glossy varnish ! It will only be available in a complete bike version for this limited series.

The Jealousy brings a large number of technical advances and takes up those which have made the success and reputation of Crewkerz: The Tapered, the AS30 standard as well as the tensioner and the through axles which in particular make it possible to obtain a fixed geometry and bring a nervousness necessary to go higher.

The hydroformed tubes provide a much more dynamic and efficient behavior, they reduce latency (the bike returns to its zero//original position more quickly). Ground clearance is optimized with the new downtube shape.

New top yoke ATS (Anti Torsion System) which considerably increases braking power by reducing the torsion of the seatstays.

New tapered sleeve // tapered (Perfect junction between the down tube and the sleeve). This standard makes it possible to have tapered forks which increase steering precision, reliability and dynamism on the front of the bike.

On this new 2018 production, small modifications increase the lifespan of the bike, single cage pedals will equip this very high-end CREWKERZ brand as well as a new, more modern geometry on the 720 mm Total Riseup handlebar: 110 mm ( 103 mm riseup) Upsweep: 12° and Backsweep: 9 .

You will also find a new crankset and single-wall H-shaped rims to save weight.

Thus the new rims allow an increase in braking power.

The new WAW 2018 crankset offers weight gain and increased nervousness thanks to the new manufacturing process for the axle and cranks, as well as the elimination of sharp angles to spare our malleoli!

On this bike you also benefit from the exclusive decoration of the two World Champions, the WAW carbon fork, and the Trialtech Carthy Signature brakes. Only very efficient and very high-end !

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Weight 8200 g
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